Handmade with LOVE. In a world where the speed of access to information and new products is increasing, the fact that each piece of Manuale Jewelry is handcrafted and consequently the fact that they don’t look absolutely the same certainly makes each one of them absolutely special treasures.

Inspired by everything that thrills her: the colors of the sunset, the beauty and plasticity of the sea waves, the irreverent architecture of a building, the art in a wooden door all carved at the entrance of a hotel, the movement of the skirt that sways when the girl runs – the jewelry designer Natalia Pitta transforms all these peculiarities into pieces of art to be used in everyday life.

“The world is right there! Full of shapes and colors. Its a delight to be able to translate everything that moves me into meaningful pieces of jewelry that communicate and connect people”.

Welcome to Manuale Jewelry world.